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Mobile Learning

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Customized mLearning Solutions

In helping create educationally effective mobile learning solutions that are right for your needs, Scholarix can develop both content that can be seamlessly consumed on a variety of desktop and mobile devices and OS specific standalone mobile learning apps.

Multi Device Learning

We develop your learning content using cutting edge HTML5 and responsive design programming techniques in ensuring that every mobile eLearning course we build will work on a variety of different devices and screen sizes from smaller smart phones to large screen tablets with no special software to download.


We create customized learning content including mobile games, videos, lessons, and assessments in the form of downloadable apps that can be deployed within your learners’ smart devices. We a number of leading mobile devices and operating systems including iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile.

Expert mLearning Strategy and Design

Mobile learners have less time to spend on any one learning activity and that’s why we create bite sized, 2-5 minute learning content that your learners can quickly absorb in between their daily tasks.

Additionally, mobile learners can make use of easily accessible content and pushed content to reinforce key principles and update their knowledge at a moment’s notice.

Mobile learning also creates the opportunity to personalize learning and combine real life interactions with digital learning technology. Examples of this could be the integrated use of built-in GPS or camera functionalities in completing a learning activity.



So whether your looking to go completely mobile or supplement your existing e-Learning courses with multi-device learning components, our knowledgeable e-Learning consultants can help you determine how mobile learning can enhance the performance of your educational strategy.