Plot 10, Peace Avenue, Oshorun Heritage Estate, Off Channels TV Road, OPIC Bus stop, Lagos.

About US

We provide universal access to the world’s best education.

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OASIS is an innovative institution on the cutting edge of education and technology. OASIS brings quality, convenience and modern technology to education while bridging the gap between theory and practice.

OASIS functions both as a school and a solutions provider. As a school, its programs are innovative in delivery and design. Students are able to work and study simultaneously and conveniently. All courses blend theory and practice and are offered at OASIS’ state-of-the-art facilities in Lagos and online.

As a solutions provider, OASIS partnered with Edutech Advanced Business Technologies to deploy the first NUC approved full time eLearning suite of solutions for Obafemi Awolowo University Center for Distance Learning (OAU CDL) and Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Center (ABU DLC). This led to the development of the first Web and Mobile Compatible Learning Management System - VigiLearn.

Who We Are

Olawoyin Awosika School of Innovative Studies (OASIS) focuses on her core competence in Education, Education Management Consultancy and Capacity Building and Empowerment. We are big on eLearning, Change Management, Course Technology and other factors which optimize student success.


Our system of education guarantees that our graduates are equipped with, at least one craft they can leverage on to enhance their value to the society. The ultimate goal is to make OASIS a global educational institution patterned after Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Wisconsin-Stout.


Education Technology is bridging the gap between the vast demand for quality and premium modes of learning and the deficiencies or constraints that traditional brick and mortar institutions have made available through most of modern learning’s history but a new wave is washing over the world and making education available to millions without such confines like space, class size ratio, teaching methods or even communication or language differences. E-Learning is changing education and through education we can change the world.


In 1965, Nigeria lost an illustrious son who led the way in visionary thinking. The idea for the free primary education program in Nigeria today has been attributed to him. Having already started a free primary educational school in his small hometown of Ondo in Ondo State, Chief Awosika proposed the idea to the party and the party implemented the program in the West. When the Nigerian National Democratic Party saw how successful the program was in the west, they too embraced the idea in the East. Eventually, the whole country embraced what today is known as the Universal Primary Education. Many Nigerians, including notable ones would not have had an education were it not for the visionary idea of Chief Festus Olawoyin Awosika. Olawoyin Awosika School of Innovative Studies is an attempt to honour this servant of the nation and to continue his legacy of accessibility and education for all. The ultimate goal is to make OASIS a global educational institution patterned after Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The OASIS Vision

Our vision is to become the premier Polytechnic University in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the spirit, soul and body. Transforming lives one student at a time.

Our Goals

Access: Flexible, integrated higher education opportunities for every student

Economic Leadership: To demonstrate leadership and encourage creativity in contributing broadly to the economic outlook for humanity.

Our Core Values


Service to students and community

Processes that delivers value

Accountability and

Communication of the vision, mission, values and goals