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OASIS is an innovative institution that uses cutting edge technology to advance education in Nigeria. OASIS brings quality, convenience and modern technology to education, and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

OASIS functions both as a school and a solutions provider. As a school, its programs are innovative in delivery and design. Students are able to work and study simultaneously and conveniently. All courses blend theory and practice and are offered at OASIS’ state-of-the-art facilities in Lagos and online.

As a solutions provider, OASIS partnered with Edutech Advanced Business Technologies to deploy the first NUC approved full time eLearning suite of solutions for Obafemi Awolowo University Center for Distance Learning (OAU CDL) and Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Center (ABU DLC). This led to the development of the first Web and Mobile Compatible Learning Management System - VigiLearn.

OASIS has applied the lessons from ABU and OAU in the design of an e-learning business model for HEIs in Nigeria that enhances access, quality and affordability using e-learning technology.

This model takes cognizance of the inability of HEIs to financially support the deployment of e-learning, and has infused a financing model in the design that aims to leverage on multi streams of financing, such as, impact investment, private equity and debt to realize the goals of deploying e-learning in all Nigerian institutions.


OASIS Study Abroad Program (OSAP)

OASIS Study Abroad program is in partnership with institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand universities are available to Nigerians with standard as good as other top universities in the world.

The programs offered by our partner institution allows for young school leavers (Year 12) and students who are almost completing their secondary education studies (Year 11) to apply for their programs.

The pathway schools accepts low IELTS score ( at least 5.5 in each band an overall band score of 5.0).

Masters degree also available in the institutions.





Innovation Enterprise Institutions are technical institutions offering post-secondary education programmes leading to the award of diplomas/certificates such as the National Diploma of IEIs (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND). The products of these institutions will have entry level employment skills to function as technicians, higher technicians/technologists or professionals, depending on the level of training in their fields of specialization.



When most people speak of eLearning, they mostly refer to the course technology part of eLearning. Unfortunately, course technology is only one of several factors that define a successful e-Based learning. Whereas, the technology of eLearning is pervasive, a working knowledge of the more than two dozen factors that define success in this environment is known in totality by a handful of people and organizations especially in Nigeria.

OASIS is the foremost eLearning consulting company in Nigeria offering consulting services to companies and institutions to design, develop, deploy and maintain full blown eLearning solution. Prof Abiola Awosika is the President and founder for OASIS. Prof Abiola Awosika has a vast experience in designing online and Hybrid courses for numerous platforms including Blackboard, Moodle, D2L and of course VigiLearn which she helped to design and develop. She has been teaching and designing courses in the ODL environment since 1997. She continues to design and teach online courses for the University of Wisconsin, Stout, USA, and Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia, USA, and Bluefield College to name a few.

Despite the numerous e-learning models and technologies available, a few key, common elements in successful e-learning programs have emerged. Case studies and the literature provide clues to what has and has not been successful. Case studies and my experience indicate that there are some particular activities in e-learning programs that are remarkably successful and encourage educators to sustain and expand their use of e-learning.

The activities that have been found to work well include:

  • the full integration of e-learning into the curriculum, textbooks and tests.
  • a strong program of training teachers to both use and teach with technologies.
  • the establishment of a pedagogical foundation for e-learning to assist teachers in integrating it into their teaching.
  • providing ongoing support for teachers.
  • educators joining a community of practice.

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